On Wednesday afternoon ZHRO members gathered at the Zimbabwe embassy in London to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the organisation.

The major highlight was the defacing of Mugabe’s portrait, tearing it and burning much to the titillation of people passing by.

It was torn apart The pieces were scattered, spat on, trampled, and then burnedaniversary


“People are stronger than tyrants, we want Mugabe to go, the sooner the better and soon it will be time judge him for the crimes committed during Gukurahundi and reclaim what he and his inner circle plundered”

These democratic protesters are striving to confront the violence with peaceful demonstrations.

The mock invasion looked so real the internet went crazy.

The significance of this act is in that totalitarian regimes understand the power of portraiture because they are supposed to celebrate the wisdom, and humanity of a dictator.

In a fit of rage at the failures of the regime, the activists presented a different visual language. The defaced image of Mugabe was Mutilated and burned as though it was a person until it was completely eradicated. It was apparent that the protesters were going to destroy the likeness as soon as they emerged from the embassy doors.

The ZHRO members turned to celebrate the first Anniversary of the founding of ZHRO. Members of other human rights organisations and political parties also turned out to mark the occasion.

The first year has seen a lot of progress with an ever increasing membership coming out to the Wednesday Vigil.

This high profile activism had us invited to VOA to discuss the implations of defiling a portrait of Mugabe - a radio show with a very wide audience

Video here now transferred to You Tube

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  • Vigil Unity
    Vigil Unity

    The Strand, Zimbabwe Embassy

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    Vigil Demo
  • Vigil Daytime
    Vigil Daytime
  • Vigil Drums
    Vigil Drums

    The rhythms of those drums get the visitors to the petition signing desk

  • Vigil Singing
    Vigil Singing

    The combined voices of Zimbabweans in protest

  • Delight and Freedom
    Delight and Freedom

    In the UK Zimbabweans can have some freedom

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    Patson Drumming
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    Freedom to protest

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    The people of the Republic of Zimbabwe have converged in confronting the ruling government to implement outstanding electoral reforms as per the new constitution which was adopted in 2013. Two years later the ruling party continues to delay and circumvent the issue of electoral reform. The prevailing socio-political and economic crisis in the country is an outcome of the legitimacy crisis that has haunted the ruling party due to the persistent electoral manipulation. Download the Petition NOW!

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