Wed 4th AugThe Wednesday Vigil has returned!

Due to a major policy change by the Home Office, and an apparent "deal" done in Zimbabwe, between the British Embassy and the Zanu PF ruling party  - a serious demonstration was required. The Home Office has detained around 150 Zimbabweans since 5th July - this is a massive worry and undue stress on those trapped in the complexities and uncertainty of the UK Asylum process. See the quote from the Status Now group [please use the live web links below]

""Government attempts to justify their actions as a way of removing ‘criminals’, is both a fallacy and racist: we are reminded of the profound problems with policing, so thoroughly exposed through the Black Lives Matter Movement during 2020-21, the socioeconomic and cultural inequalities that become instrumental in people ending up before, and convicted by, the courts, lack of robust legal aid to enable people to defend themselves and, for those who have completed their prison sentences that have been delivered through that other arm of the Home Office, the criminal justice system, deportation is a double punishment."" [from the Status Now Blog dated 8th August 2021]

Following on from our activites of the 19th July 2021 which 'kicked-off' this campaign, the same group came together for a still bigger demonstration. We recorded 72 people attended, including some from Status Now - who came with their own banner. These groups were as follows, and acting under the umbrella of 'ZIMBABWE COMMUNITY APPEAL', MDCA [Movement for Democratic Change Alliance], ZAPU [Zimbabwe African People's Union], plus the Human Rights groups ROHR [Restoration Of Human Rights - Zimbabwe] and ZHRO [Zimbabwe Human Rights Organisation], plus several Church Groups were encouraged to attend.

Flickr Album 4th August 2021

  • Vigil


  • Vigil Unity
    Vigil Unity

    The Strand, Zimbabwe Embassy

  • Vigil Demo
    Vigil Demo
  • Vigil Daytime
    Vigil Daytime
  • Vigil Drums
    Vigil Drums

    The rhythms of those drums get the visitors to the petition signing desk

  • Vigil Singing
    Vigil Singing

    The combined voices of Zimbabweans in protest

  • Delight and Freedom
    Delight and Freedom

    In the UK Zimbabweans can have some freedom

  • Patson Drumming
    Patson Drumming
  • Protest

    Freedom to protest

  • Take2Zimbabwe


    The people of the Republic of Zimbabwe have converged in confronting the ruling government to implement outstanding electoral reforms as per the new constitution which was adopted in 2013. Two years later the ruling party continues to delay and circumvent the issue of electoral reform. The prevailing socio-political and economic crisis in the country is an outcome of the legitimacy crisis that has haunted the ruling party due to the persistent electoral manipulation. Download the Petition NOW!

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