Attendance at 11th October 2017Protesters organised by Zimbabwe Human Rights Organisation (ZHRO) kicked off another Wednesday Vigil at the Zimbabwe Embassy in London. The ‘ZHRO Wednesday Vigil’, which began on Wednesday 27th September 2017 with an ‘invasion’ of the Zimbabwe Embassy will be held every Wednesday to protests against the Mugabe led Zanu PF [terrorist] regime.

The peaceful gathering was in fullness this Wednesday 11 October, with numbers swelling since launch.

The protesters chanted “Mugabe must go” calling for the end of Mugabe era, they also penned their own words to a “new” National Anthem. More to follow on that in future weeks.

  • Vigil


  • Protest

    Freedom to protest

  • Patson Drumming
    Patson Drumming
  • Delight and Freedom
    Delight and Freedom

    In the UK Zimbabweans can have some freedom

  • Vigil Unity
    Vigil Unity

    The Strand, Zimbabwe Embassy

  • Vigil Singing
    Vigil Singing

    The combined voices of Zimbabweans in protest

  • Vigil Drums
    Vigil Drums

    The rhythms of those drums get the visitors to the petition signing desk

  • Vigil Demo
    Vigil Demo
  • Vigil Daytime
    Vigil Daytime
  • Take2Zimbabwe


    The people of the Republic of Zimbabwe have converged in confronting the ruling government to implement outstanding electoral reforms as per the new constitution which was adopted in 2013. Two years later the ruling party continues to delay and circumvent the issue of electoral reform. The prevailing socio-political and economic crisis in the country is an outcome of the legitimacy crisis that has haunted the ruling party due to the persistent electoral manipulation. Download the Petition NOW!

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