Wed 4th AugThe Wednesday Vigil has returned!

Due to a major policy change by the Home Office, and an apparent "deal" done in Zimbabwe, between the British Embassy and the Zanu PF ruling party  - a serious demonstration was required. The Home Office has detained around 150 Zimbabweans since 5th July - this is a massive worry and undue stress on those trapped in the complexities and uncertainty of the UK Asylum process. See the quote from the Status Now group [please use the live web links below]

""Government attempts to justify their actions as a way of removing ‘criminals’, is both a fallacy and racist: we are reminded of the profound problems with policing, so thoroughly exposed through the Black Lives Matter Movement during 2020-21, the socioeconomic and cultural inequalities that become instrumental in people ending up before, and convicted by, the courts, lack of robust legal aid to enable people to defend themselves and, for those who have completed their prison sentences that have been delivered through that other arm of the Home Office, the criminal justice system, deportation is a double punishment."" [from the Status Now Blog dated 8th August 2021]

Following on from our activites of the 19th July 2021 which 'kicked-off' this campaign, the same group came together for a still bigger demonstration. We recorded 72 people attended, including some from Status Now - who came with their own banner. These groups were as follows, and acting under the umbrella of 'ZIMBABWE COMMUNITY APPEAL', MDCA [Movement for Democratic Change Alliance], ZAPU [Zimbabwe African People's Union], plus the Human Rights groups ROHR [Restoration Of Human Rights - Zimbabwe] and ZHRO [Zimbabwe Human Rights Organisation], plus several Church Groups were encouraged to attend.

Flickr Album 4th August 2021

Parliament Sq"Fight the Flight" Demonstration started at the Zimbabwe Embassy.

Zimbabwe Embassy

Members of the two main political parties in Zimbabwe, namely MDCA [Movement for Democratic Change Alliance], ZAPU [Zimbabwe African People's Union], plus the Human Rights groups ROHR [Restoration Of Human Rights - Zimbabwe] and ZHRO [Zimbabwe Human Rights Organisation], plus several Church Groups were encouraged to attend this and other demonstrations in the future to Fight the Mass Forced Removals of Zimbabwenas in the Diaspora. Due to the extended lockdown, such demonstrations have not been conducted for over 12 months - so there was a little "interia" - all the same some 31-35 people attended during this "first-day-back! This also included members of Movement for Justice and Global Afrikan Congress who activiely joined in the protest.

We started to congregate outside the Zimbabwe Embassy from around noon on Monday the 19th July 2021. The first time since last year, and the first quasi-Vigil since 11th March 2020 [due to the draconian Lock-down obligations]. We were demonstrating that the Home Office has radically changed their policy - and has [since the 5th July 2021 detained approximately 150 Zimbabweans. Claiming that most are "hardened criminals" - which is disengenuous to say the least - as we know most [detainees] are victims of the complex, convoluted and expensive British asylum procedures.

ZHRO and Zimbabwe Community Appeal Flickr Photos outside the Embassy

15th Nov 2017

The military intervention in Zimbabwe is a result of power struggle within Zanu-Pf. It indicates the end of the Mugabe era who has dominated Zimbabwe’s political stage for nearly 4 decades.

The hope for a democratisation process may be giving Zimbabweans some cause for optimism, but transformative authority is yet to be seen.

The military ignited a flurry of activity on social media after it seized control of the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC). It left Zimbabweans across the world speculating as to what was actually taking place. However it is now clear that we are witnessing a special form of Zanu-Pf internal politics that require guns to aid persuasion.

This evokes the question of whether human rights can actually be restored after the  ‘coup’

The Zimbabwe Human Rights Organisation (ZHRO) Wednesday vigil called for the overthrow of a dictatorship to be followed by a democratisation process.

22 Aug

Wednesday at the Vigil was a little subdued, as the vast majority of the Diaspora and Zimbabweans at home digest the injustice of the fake Inauguration, the Fake Con-Court Judgment and the Fake Election numbers that saw the winners denied DEMOCRACY - YET AGAIN.

No one is accepting ED as a President - no matter how much propaganda spews from Zanu PF and their sycophants in the UK chaired by the odious Nick Mangwana of Zanu PF UK.

Talk was of a Government in Exile being supported by the diaspora - who were denied their Constitutionally given right by the toadies that populate the Junta. The diaspora represent 40% of the population - at least 3 million people who have fled Zimbabwe after 38 years of Zanu PF tyranny, violence, intimidation, corruption and utter mis-management that sees a once successful Nation reduced to abject poverty.

President Robert Mugabe has been in power since the country attained independence in 1980 and has been at the helm for 38 years. Grace Mugabe announced on Saturday that there was nothing wrong if her husband appointed her [to VP]. Robert Mugabe has now fired his deputy fuelling speculation that he wants to promote his wife.

Braving the cold weather, members of Zimbabwe Human Rights Organisation (ZHRO), called the Mugabe's out for at this Wednesday Vigil. chanting and singing "37’years is too long!", and No to a Mugabe dynasty” the demonstrators called for a multi-party democracy which is still a dream after decades of dictatorship.